what's happening??

k, the problem is whenever i try to play runescape, the game screen won’t load. instead it just stays blank, doesn’t change, stays black, and doesn’t load with time. i tried changing the options for java on the detail select screen, but nothing seems to work!

i am currently using a windows XP home edition.

please post if you have a suggestion on how to fix it.

maybe its too slow?

don’t think so…got a pretty fast computer here…

well try a less pop world

Hmmm try minimizing and keep clicking it back on and off… Works for me that way.

Sometimes it does that when you dont have enough disk space.it may say you have 150 but RS usauly only works with 200.

I know what you mean, it happened to me not a long time ago, I pm Jagex for help and now mine is working. Here how to have Rs work back.
First, go on tools, click on internet options. After go in security, in the levels, scroll down untill you see “Active script”. Then click for the active script to be not activated. After restart your computer and it should work. It worked for me.

actualy you should go to extra downloads and download the runescpe client. that’s what you should do, i had the exact same problem

When I had this problem, I downloaded the RuneScape Client but it didn’t worked.

did that too, doesn’t work…

and i don’t have internet options on the tools…just options

Just try going back onto world select, and choosing the same world, happened to me once, never got past ‘Connecting to fileserver’ on the loading screen.

Other ideas: Kick your computer or by another one.

ok are you sure you havn’t tried bottom quality…because I had same problem

Might want to go java.com and re-install java.

i can tell you whats wrong redownload java!

Happend to me wait a few days and try again

shoot it wit yer nine k

Waiting some days won’t do anything, you need to go on tools, internet options or options for you, security, custom level, then scroll down to active script and then click on the square to make it not activated and finally, restart your computer and it will work.