whats silk for!??

i keep stealin it from stalls but i do no use of it can some one tell me if its good for somethinG?

i dont know either and isnt this suppose to be in help section?

Silk is for quests mostly…an maybe there’s something you can craft it into also, I’m not completely sure.

after a day, u can sell it back to the silk trader for 60 gp a pice ( u have to barter with him) and if u talk to him after u stole the silk, he’ll call the guards on u. so wait a day. then sell it. i sold 1000 for 60k

u know that door u cant open near the entrance to the dwarf mines? well u use it with a lobby pot, wizzard mind bomb, and i think u have to b able to use weaken and u get nice stuff from the chest in there

That’s a main part of the Dragonslayer quest. I think it’s just for merchanting back to the guy…I don’t know of or remember any uses for it.

well…i think the only good way to use it is to thieve it from the stall in ardougne and sell to the guy in al-kharid

only good for selling (methinks)

though jagex may find i use for it… who knows =)

its for the dragon slayer quest

wow people sure have different opinion on how to use it but i think mainly it is use for selling it back =P my opinion tho

Silk used with K-rum = cleaning cloth= remove poison thingy cloth

dude are u serious?! can any1 back his statement? cuz if its true…i wanna try

Yes, it’s part of the Dragon Slayer quest. See the guide.