whats the best god armor ?

tell me ur fave god armor

i think it is full guthix

Zammy all the way!

I like how Saradomin looks. However, they all have the same stats.

zamorak is better. i mean who could beat zammy, the dark god?

Zammy is definetely the best

I like sara better…the colour looks better…and I like the symbol on the plate…

I just like how Saradonim armor looks ok on all armor types… I mean Zamorak doesn’t look bad on some but it doesn’t look good on others… Guthix armor on the other hand doesn’t really look good on many armor… No offense to any of the RS gods or those who like certain armors but I just think that Saradonim armor looks good overall…

i lik saradomin the best… :wink:

i like guthuix
sickmate 8)

Sara owns!!! :twisted:

i think zammy looks cool just because its red! :smiley:

zammy all the way

i like zamorak’s crimson red.