whats the faster way to make my mining up?

i have 53 mining and i want get 59,whats the beast way i can get it up?
ah,and i can use the mining guild,where should i train and what to mine? :?: :?:

mine gold till lvl 55 then mine mith best place 4 gold 4 f2p for gold is south of fally and mith lummy swamp

No, the best thing is to mine iron in the Varrock west mine. It is close to a bank and iron is very good for lvling up. You never use gold or silver as something to lvl up mining. It isn’t worth it. Same thing with mith and up, the respawn time is too long for it to be used for lvling.

i think a good place is south west of falador. Its between rimmington and port sarim and is close to a bank.

It contains these rocks


I found it excellent to mine in as not many ppl go there. as they usually go to where Iced suggested

As Iced said, a good idea is the west or east mines of varrock. Train on iron there! Or you can go to the al kharid mines, mine iron, then drop the ores. Or you can mine iron, then go down to bank.

If you’re level 53 mining, you can’t use the mining guild.

yeah,i know i cant enter there,but i want 59 mining,then i use an dwarfen stout and get there :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

it better to mine either lots of coal or gold/mith/addy whatever…

power mine iron at the dwarven mines