whats ur favorite games?

what games do you like post all of them bellow

the games i like are :inuyasha,need for speed underground2,dbzbudokai3,battlefront,.//hack,san andreas,halo,and halo2 thats all the games i like

Inu Yasha? You mean that one RPG that you play where you can actually have like 6 people in battle at the same time?

I like Halo, Halo 2, all the Madden NFL games, and all the Grand Theft Auto games. 8)

i like halo, halo 2 and all final fantasys and all gta’s

Halo, halo 2, runescape… donno

halo,halo2,runescape,forums,whyville is okay, simpsons hit and run!, and morrowind.

i forgot runescape

other then rs i like ff11 online, socom2, the gta series halo2 and ffX and ffX-2

PLaygirl, you should go too paint with your avatar and put a great big “OWNED!” after the penguine falls :twisted:

3 words
metal gear solid
that be my fav game and ahlo and gta

i lik halo and halo2

sry nothin but .hack for me by the way if you could help me and if youve played it it would be a great help. please respond to .hack infection game

any1 like killzone?

I like Counter Strike, Halo 2, Raw 2, Smackdown!: Here Comes The Pain, Super Smash Bros (old school N64!), almost all the James Bond games for PS1 & 2, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1-4… thats all I got for now.


thearrow5 them are all good games i have beeten them all

Umm, Jeremy, some of those games like Raw 2, Here Comes The Pain and Counter Strike are continous games, so how is that possible? I think your confused.


all the war games :slight_smile:

u can max out all ur stuff

All the final fantasy games except the first 3, chrono trigger (one of the best rpg’s ever made), lufia, all the need 4 speed games except underground for gba, soal caliber (gamecube version cause u get link), half-life, delta task force dagger, diablo 2 and finally, runescape! 8) 8)


my favorite game is probaly starseige.