whats wrong with the sound?

im on f2p for my pure, and theres no effect or music volume on all, but when i go on my member there is. whats up with that? is it just me or is there no more sound in f2p?

im not getting sound either

there use to be sound, whats up?

SOmetimes that happens to me to restart your computer

i know, but it always happens to me

I have no sound anymore either.

same me too and i loved dat music :smiley: kinda :smiley:

I noticed the samething with no music or anything. I thought it was just me. I guess not. :eyebrow:

something is wrong with jagex servers if all you have same problem. skyler nice sig (just looks like you spam alot)

lol ty, i like it to

until goku sent me a message it was too big