Whats wrong with this picture

This is a one minute fake pic I did. What do you think? Can you spot all the random errors?

uh… cape boots and spear tip wrong colors?o ya and the deer lol

The fact that you made it…

Just playing :wink:

Yeah, the deer and the spear tip point. Maybe the white headband? Your cape looks fake as well.

Actually the spear tip is exactly the right color lol. It is a rune spear(kp)
Theres one other mistake. It is really obvious if you are a member though.

white headband!

hmm is it the the white band over ur head the white line at the botom of your cape
the logs in the top left corner maybe umm the deer is wrong lol

So far the mistakes you’ve all seen are the cape, headband and deer. There is one other tricky mistake.

boots or ammy?

They’re gnome boots and glory ammy.

Umm you can’t weild a spear and a shield at once.

Thats right! Finally someone got it lol :lol:

Yay!! Sweet!! :smiley:

o i had just realied that i was thinkin w8 a minute hw is he wielding both?!? lol then im like yes! an then he posted it :twisted: lol nice

hehe you’re tricky

Thank you lol.

Lol that was a good one.

the spear is the the right colour lol, its not normal poison its kp poison (you get from a quest, the poison is made from a fish lol)

i spot the changes :), the headband, bottom of cape, the deer, maybe the boots (unless there boots of lightness), and you got a spear and shield equipt at the same time (cheeky, i know you cant do that :P)

Do we win anything?? lol

spear tip is real its kp

Cape, trial ending, spear w/ kite, spear color, and the dam deer lol.

Silly Goose