Whats you Favorite look in runescape?

here mine :smiley:

post yours too

i like the look in my sig

not counting guilded armor or god armor, iā€™d say ful black (G) or full addy (g) trim with both a gold fremmy cloak and boots + gloves.

u agree? its pretty cool

blink ur is my favorite if it was zammy with ammy of glory with red boots and gloves

erm, that is an ammy of glory

My favorite is in my avatar.

i cant rilly say because i dont know what look i like best

i was thinking of getting zammy but sara is white and it looks better :wink:

i liek wearing my mime top, black boots, black drag legs,
(party hat,if i had) and black gloves, if i had

mine is full sara with white or blue p hat 8O 8O 8O

Can u afford white and blue phat?