Whats your favorite class

which class r u

also put if u r a (class) (light, nuetral, or dark)

i guess i’m a warrior

im an adventrurer

Im also an adventurer for the most part.

im a warrior/adventurer :slight_smile:

im a mage slash warior

i wanted to add slayer but it didnt fit.

Im a mage/warrior. I would have started out a mage but didnt have the money… I am training to be a better mage.

yea they didnt hav runecrafting then.

I’m adventurer and class light

right now im a dark mage

I’m a warrior
What do you mean by light, dark, and neutral?

mage/archer/warrior and advernturer

light/dark/neutral- its all my mood

what god u follow

level 38 magic and range i guess im all of em

well adventuer/mage/warior and i ain’t neutral light or darck i protect the little guy then i kill him lol but seriously i stand for (kick your ass if you attack me stile) so don’t attack me or prepare to be kicked. lol

i guess that’d work too.

im a merhcant! lol[/quote]

oh yea i just wanted to know. this is also off topic.
but how to do u get words underneath what u say.
like you quote or what ever

nvm think i got it