Whats your favorite members thing, and your least favorite?

Whats your favorite members thing? Mine is all of the dragon items and the better training spots and faster money. Whats your least favorite? Mine is the high lvls that call people noobs for no reason and stuff like that (it seems like that happens more in members to me).

I love everything about members except how all the high lvls make me feel noobish :eek:

ummm…least favorite is the high lvl ppl with tons of cash…my fave thing…in a way is the high lvl ppl with tons of cash…lol

well everything except the high lvls calling me noob when i offer 1.5mil cash for a d med… lol

i love how u can catch lobbys and other fish and bank is right behind you instead of walking for the one fishing port to faldor, but most people are higher level

My least favorite part of members was always paying for it :?

all the extra areas

i dont hav afav …lol

I am not a member…yet… but my least favourite is all the extra places on there(soo many places, half of the people dont even visit a quarter of it) … favourite is CW and theiving :wink:

my favorite thing are snelms… and my least fave thing is MONKEY MADNESS
god i have already died against the archer monkeys so many times cuz my prayer is only 34

My favorites are Castle Wars, and the really rich and strong people on it (no doubt lol)… But my least favorite things are stupid items like broken armour and buttons… What’s the point?

I like nearly everything about members. Only things I hate are castle wars, thieving, agility, and all the noobs that call higher lvls noobs because they don’t get what they want.

yea i like almost everything about members except castle wars…that game is so boring and unfair…

Dragon stuff

dont like:
all the high level ppl cuz i get jelous ><

My favorite things are the areas and tresure trails. Even when the higher lvl. people pay me 50 gold a piece for ess. because they are to lazy to do it themselves.
Least favorite is when i get slaughtered i n lvl 40 wildy by lvl 80 mage or ranger with dragon armor. Being called a noob

I odnt have a fav i have loads of em but i dont like the non-tradeable castle wars armor lol , i liek it but the non-tradeable i dont like

If it was tradeable, then high lvls could pay noobs for the tickets or the armor and then you wouldn’t have to actually pay for it.

Fav: So many more Items so much more bank space, and of course The <b>tons</b> of land.

Hate: Higher Levels who call me a noob (I’m level 49)
People who call me a scammer just because I have a Drag Long (cant use)
Castle Wars (So Unfair)
People obbsessing over the Stupid Bone armor!!! ARRRRRG

fav: all the quests and things to do
least: member scammers!!! goto world 2, and they are everywhere!!!
sickmate 8)

Hmm favorite thing about members? It would probably be all the increased things you get to do as well as quests and of course weapons and armor. I pretty much just love it all around.