What's your favorite skill on Runescape

what is your favorite skill out of these six?
a. mining
b. smithing
c. runecrafting
d. woodcutting/firemaking
e. fishing
f. cooking

Ranger for Life Baby!
Lol but out of those I pick mining!

with the new addition id probly have to say runecrafting

I love fishing and cooking, they are so easy you can watch tv while you fish.


mining and smithing

none of them hate it all :stuck_out_tongue:

herblore without a doubt, why is it not on your list?

woodcutting/firemaking…mainly woodcutting i hate firemaking
WC is a good money maker and easy. unlike fishing where the fishing spots move constantly, or mining where u have to click on every rock to mine it.

Miner and Smither for life baby!


The spots dont move constantly. I dont like wc because your axeheads fly off a lot if youre not paying attention like you can in fishing.

Hey, I like you already :P.

(In order from favourite to least favourite, disregarding your options :P):

Herblore, mining, ranging, slayer and…well, that’s about all I like really :stuck_out_tongue:

~ ewok

Well if youre fishing with a lot of other ppl the spots move pretty constantly, like in world 2. but woodcutting has some random events too so i guess its kinda a tie…i jsut like woodcutting better though.

Two words: Mag, ic… well I guess it’s one but still, why isn’t magic there? It owns!

hey im gonna start other ones with other skills

woodcutting because you get a lot of money and fishing does have random events just like woodcutting

fishing & cooking

all i can say is/…

I’d have to say runecrafting because I usually make most of money doing it. (nature running)

But your highest skills are 65 fishing and 66 cooking…Unless woodcutting is your new favorite skill. Anyway, woodcutting is my favorite skill, it is easy, brings in the cash and is my best skill although it’s only at 77.