Whats your Favourite Armour?

Vote here for your favourite armour.

there is no “all of thee above” oh well I would pic…dragon :smiley:

zammy fo sho

I picked Guthix.

guthix :slight_smile: :smiley:

Dragon ftw.

zammy is wut i voted :slight_smile:

Barrows, i find that armour that us statistically the best to be the best.

I like dragon, coz it’s good lookin. And it’s better than rune. (even tho im not p2p)

can someone please tell me why Guthix has any votes!!! the green and blue…it looks like someone threw up on a set of full rune

I go dragon all the way.

dragon all the way

Shut up noob, Guthix is cool.

Guthix Ftw, Because I’d rather follow Guth than Zammy or Sara. I’m neither good nor evil, So I’m with Guthix. And Guthix is a cool name. =P

just stating my opinion…and guthix is ugly as hell

interesting guthix and zammy are going at it neck and neck and so is dragon and barrows

barrows owns…thats just a fact :smiley:

That gold trimmed Saradomin Armour you see in the top floor of the Wise Old Mans house.

Dragon looks best, but barrows has best stats :slight_smile:

Regular Rune is teh hawtness =)