When should i start training on lessers

Hey People i need some advice

I am lvl 68 i got 1 pair of full rune and a rune scimmy and i want to start training on lessers. but heres the thing. i dont get money fast and i dont want to loose my full rune. can someone tell me how i should do this

Don’t train on lessers, you get slow exp. Train on for example level 21 guards in edgeville buildings. They also drop a lot of bones for fast prayer exp. You need a lot of food to to fight lessers. But you would be ready to fight them if you really wanted to.

they do give good drops tho… BTW, Tobite, your avvy doent help your case. lol:D

try moss giants in sewers… there lvl 47 i think… bring half inv of lobs just incase.