Where did they go??

I just saw that all my warnings were gone, i had 4 and now they are gone
Ill miss them…
Why did i lose them?

I’m just guessing but it was probably because you acted well and didn’t do anything wrong. Congratulations on getting your warnings removed!

Acutally, when Duke got the site’s system updated, some components didn’t get carried over and the warnings on the accounts that had warnings before was one that didn’t get carried over so no one has warnings… Duke still has to fix the warnings component since the power of issuing warnings isn’t fixed yet so no one can really recieve warnings for breaking the rules as of yet…

Its really sad now with no warnings, which leaves only the BAN button…

Yeah but people who just create accounts to spam on these forums deserve to get banned immediately… I don’t think giving spammers warnings would stop them any bit from spamming cause those accounts are there just to cause terror… So immediate banning isn’t always a bad thing…

It’s not fair, only Duke and Hockey have the immediate ban button. It takes so long to ban an account when you have to do it one warning at a time. And when there aren’t any warning buttons, only the admins can ban.

That means ive got no warnings!

lmao i didnt notice my warnin was gone :slight_smile:

so i will get my 4 warnings when the bug is fixed?

I didnt have any warnings but for all the people that did the files could be lost never found again or duke could fix it youll no soon.

so now there is no warning automatic ban?