Where is the blue moon inn

please tell me and make it accurate please and thank you

in Varrok, cant really explain where but look on the world map in Varrok

if i remember right its the one its out the north exit of varrock and a little west of there and thats an inn

It’s in West of Varrock, Just left of the Varrock West Bank.

:wizard: ~Salmoneus~

look at your world map. it shows you how to get almost anywhere. and at least i think where everything is.

It’s south of the Varrock square, accros from the sword shop. You pass it when you are going to Lumbridge from Varrock or to Varrock from Lumbridge. It’s just south of the center square and the clothes and general store, directly accross from the sword shop.

Look at the map dude, it tells you everything…well not everything…