Where should I level/buy?


my 2nd month of members and I made my account last october, good? I don’t play more than 2 hours a day lol just a rule for meh… anyways, any advice where I can level up and be able to get the grave digger random event cause I have full zombie and zombie walk emote…I really want the zombie dance emote…

Btw can someone please tell me wtf a blue egg does…I’ve had it for about 3 months now…back when I had members for the first time in December of last year I found it…I think I found it in a bird nest inside of gnome village…

u should lvl at rock crabs or experiments

go lvl on. mossies i love them :slight_smile:

Do horror from the deep quest and fight Dagannoths. Those are good experience too.

wow. u r rich for your lvl. congrats… i hav no idea where u should train tho…

i got the gravedigger event 14 times when i was just fighting moss giants for a bit. just bury those bb and you should get Leo soon :wink:

lol its so hard, the other day i tried for 3 days playing 1 hour on the hill giants inside tavery dungeon=dark shade and strange plant event…hmmp… so unfair
i’m not really that rich just well i made 800k today in 2 hours on non members merchanting rune g kites O.o any other faster ways?

dam those are nice stats especialy like the cash steals cash heheheheh

has anyone said anything about the blue bird’s egg yet? because i would also like to know. right now now i’m thinking that it doesn’t really do anything too special…

Train your strength on some Fire Giants. Nice Cash for your level!!!
Hope this Helps!!!

In about 6 Months i’ll be making 12 Million in 2 hours! Then i’ll bull buy full Dharok with Dharok Greataxe. Then I can hit a Max of 80 like my friend did.:thumbsup: