where the heck do i get a knife!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

i need it for fletching im like 1 fletching and need 1 where do i get it?

I think there was a knife that spawned in the backyard of the Varrock castle… By the place where theres a fenced in place where a bear lurks with 3-4 coin spawnings and a ladder that leads down into the Varrock sewers… Sorry, I’m not entirely sure…

i need 2 be sure im like in ardounge rite now and need not waste time

There is a respawn on the top floor of the Varrock general store.

i know, around the sides of lumbridge castle
sickmate 8)

like iced earth on the top floor of the varrok general but i can come 2 u and give u a knife

You can also get one in karjama and in lumbridge castle

1 respawns in the kamaja genral store

i think there is a knife upstairs in warrock general store… but im not sure. There was one in RSC

Go to the wildy and there will be a knife in ur back. Lol go to draynor manor or varrock for a knifamente.