Where to train for a noob

Ok now im level 59 thanks for the help that wasnt sarcasm

But is there some other good spots? :?:

i train at lessers at karjama be sure 2 have lots of lobs im curently lvl 61!

well, u could try training at the edgevile dungeon, or u can train by pking :smiley:

dont fight lessers…u will be eating alot of the time…try going to ice wawrrior cave they lvl 57 i think…depends…r u daring or not?

Moss Giants-lvl48

Ok thanks

um… can any1 tell me where moss giants r found?

In the Varrock sewers. Just go past the ghosts, skeletons, zombies, giants spiders, deadly red spiders, and you should end up there.

i don’t think trainning by pking is a good idea. (no offence) Cause it might take a while to find someone.

i would go to baby blue dragons if ur a member and get prayer up 2

These places are all ineffective if you want to power-train. The best place to train is men in edge or guards in black knight castle. Or you can even go out to the wilderness and train on skeletons at coal mines if you’re not afraid of pkers. These all have very low defense. Hobgoblins are one great place to train because of limpwurt roots which you can sell at least 500 each, although they’re a little hard to get to. But it’s well worth it.

wat about a lvl 59,56strength,45 attack,44defence where u think i should train

um… can any1 tell me where moss giants r found?[/quote]the end of varrok sewer and if u r a member by aroughne

Where can I find Babie Blues?