Where's the pause button?

I think jagex should put in a pause button for those of us that end up with something coming up while farming or mining or fishing etc. Since you can’t just get up and walk away without logging out for fear that you might become victim to a troll or spirit tree or some other creature.

Uhhh… I don’t get what you’re saying. What would the pause button do?? A little more in-depth p10x. And from what I see, it’s a stupid idea…

~The bad man has spoken

makes no sense at all

It’s a bad idea, just log out.

well a pause button would prob pause evrywhere in rs so u wud hav ppl anoyyin ppl buy pressin it a then just leaving it so no1 can play

You can’t pause in any MMO game, for bountyhunt’s reason.

wanna know something that works for ur pause button,well rs has already have a pause button,i bet u all r wondering what could it be…hmm…its the log out button,coz if u logged out,then ur character cant do a thing until u log in,lol!!!roflmao!!!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D;d

Lol, you can pause in Star Wars Battlefront online, but you can still die from falling lol =\

hahahaha,lol,or just type this to pause the game “253.015.315.pau:to jagex please make a pause button or i will die,lol”

Sry there is no point for this.

dude i will just walk away im not afraid of dieing right now im fishing while typin this if i die i die so what bad idea becouse they would figure out way too abuse it like pause in the wildy

its a live game, u cant pause it. and thats dumb cuz then some1 could just pause while getting pked or sumthing.

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[sarcastic]yeah lets have over 100,000 people just pause they game so everyone has to wait till that person un pauses it! great idea![/sarcastic]

Lol, what if someone needs to get into world 1. You are just a butt in a bathroom that won’t get out.

lol,ah!!! its an alien invation ,we cant move,some 1 unpause the game,lolz