Which avatar should i use?

Which one should i use? Same image, just inverted colors. I`ll make them smaller when i use them.

p.s. Are they too big?


First one :slight_smile:

like the both but i vote black(btw can i have the 1 that byou dont use???)

sure, we`ll be twinsies!

lol then you add my sig to yurs and ill add yours

lol, maybe not that twinned(sp? lol)
i voted so i dont have to click each time. my vote doesnt count.

I like the white one :slight_smile:

2 to 2!! even match :slight_smile:

I like the one with the white background better. Its just my opinion, but its your avvy…


I think you should go for the black background. Better effect. :smiley:

Neither. They are both to big.

Right. Wait, you said you’ll make them smaller before use. In that case, go with number two.

Oh. I go with #1 then.

all i gatta say is the first 1, mostly cause its blk and it stands out more on this site

the first one

Lol tied now. And it’s a little big.

#1; Black is a good background.

lol tied when are you gonna quit how many total votes?

muahaha i made is 10-9 white one is more classic =)

ill use the white! :slight_smile: Brb