Which Game Do You Think is Better?

Which game do u guys think is better? I am not sure my friends like both the same.

Please PM me with this answer… What is knight online??? Send me the address of the site plese

I’d say RuneScape, because I havent really played much Knight Online…

um… runescape, cause i never really even heard of Knights Online

I think runescape is better because i don’t know what the heck knight online is [img]

Please privat message me to tell me what it is 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) [/img]

I, like everyone else who replied, also have to go along with RuneScape since I’ve never played Knight Online…

yeah whats knight online

Trust Me Everyone ‘Knights Online’ is like a adventure, only much simpler than Runescape, as Runescape has graphics but Knights Online uses texts,

There Is One Word I want to say is better. Runescape.

id say knights online! cos runescape really sucks!!! i dont get those who can even play it… cos that game SUCKS AND ITS MADE OF AMATEURS!!! RS SUCKS!!!

runescape is way better!

can some1 post here the link to knights online? i want to try it and see if it’s betta than RS (i seriously doubt it, but) …

Yeah i also want the link to knights online

Knights Online is a MMORPG like Runescape. My friends play it and they say it’s like Runescape but with better graphics. The site is something like WWW.Knights-online.com