which guild does everyone like best?

leave a post then do the poll!

i like the legends guild


dont kno i really hav got no clue…im not even in the heros guild 8-( :frowning:

lilslayer??? are u in legends guild??? u cant be!

I like the heroes best because of the fountain.

So far I am starting to really like the legends guild. Such a fun place.

Unfortunately I had to vote for Champ’s cause I can’t get into any other guild you posted :cry: … Man, it would be so nice… But I’d probably prefer the fishing guild since I like to fish… Other than that, the only other guild I’ve been hanging around a lot is the mining guild…

Edit: Woops… Just found out that this was the Members Only forum… Totally disregard my post at all costs, no member should have to read such a peonish post that belongs to a puny non-member like me… Sorry about that…

no im not in legends but my friend is and i saw him go in it and it was a really cool place


what do you hate the most about any guild?