Which is better?American games or Japanese games?

Which is better?American games or Japanese games?

japenese games.

There are some American games that are good but there is alot of Japanese games that are great.
America has not made that many games.
I choose Japanese.

some japanese games are really weird and i mean freakishly weird but i say japanese games anyway

i agree with u rune_knight,japanese also has some awsome graphics on some games

(p.s.can u delete my two posts that say tycoon games and which is better?)

Well… what about a mixture of both types?
Halo 2 is American and Japanese. If you look at the credits, there are a
mixture of English and Japanese names.

Most American Games are Origonally Japonese.
Example, Their Mouthes Move way to long just to say O.K. lol
Like Dynasty Warriars, thats Japonese and a lot of other games.
I pick Japonese

I generally like Japanese games better. They made Final Fantasy after all. Most good games are by them.

japan games

japanese have way better games…because they have way better technology…therefor they make more money to get even better techonogly in turn is used for better games so face it guys we r screwed in the gaming buisness…lol


i think that the japaness games that have been translated are the beat

i agree with Jolio i mean, like i got an xbox,so like some good games(halo)(halo2)(star wars:knights of the old republic)etc, are american japanese,so i say there both good!

I choose Japanese. Thhe problem with some American games is that they try to copy Japanese games and do it poorly :frowning: This isn’t always the case though

any1 seen that game katamari damecy?its freaky,but fun.lol,rolling ppl up in that ball :stuck_out_tongue:

American cuz wrestling game!

it’ll b freaky if china made a sumo wrestling game 8O

I pick Japanese, they make some of the best games after all.
Long Live The Resident Evil Saga.

American games are way better because when they teach you what button does what you can’t read it.

Anything American is better than Japanese.

Japanese games all the way. They got the best graphics and best action and adventures too. But some american games like san andreas are decent too.