which is better/ which would u rather have

hi every1 wat armor would u rather want or which do u think is better zammy, guthix, or sara…

i use rune (t) it looks cool and its cheaper but i still collecting i hav kite (t) and legs (t) i need helm (t) and body (t) i broke though

Well… to start off with I want full Sara, then sell it to get full Guthix and keep the difference in cash.

skate thats a good idea because u still get a god armor and some cash

Yay. Someone thinks one of my ideas is good!

well none are better statwise…i used to have all three at one point since they were only like 11mil for full sets. now theyve lowered but ive been hacked so thats out the window. i like zmamy best, look cool wit my old outfit (which Mrparris has also) D legs, Med, Zammy plate and kite.

i would have full zammy sell it then buy full rune (G) and have like 2 mil left then buy a mask or paty phat and sell the rune (G) helm and i have like 275k to work with

u might be able to buy a mask but P-hats go for min. like 11mil i think nowadays. so i think the mask would be a little unrealistic to buy with 2mil left. maybe a Danta or mask though

o yea santas r cool i forgot about them since i kinda quit runescape i got hacked on every1 of my accounts so unless by some miracle i get an aco with 2 mil im pretty much gone from rs but i like rsr

Personally I can’t choose between zammy and sara…but I’m not going to buy either because the prices are going down.

i prefer full sara!

cibola none of us r gonna but these armors just dicussing wat 1 u would rather have

I did say what I prefer, you need to read my post fully before you quote what I said.

I personally like guth, green is my fav color =)

I like Saradomin armor the best. Sara is the best. :P.

I like sara better…looks cool…nice and white

sara 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999%

i have a question how many of u actually have that armor