Which sig should I choose?

I just made a new sig, and now I’m not sure which one to choose from.
Vote either #1 or #2. You can also give any suggestions on things that need to be changed.



number 2 i gave 10/10
number 1 8/10
soo its number 2

1 Rocks! 8)

Ok, can u give me some suggestions too?

i think number 1 is much better than number two because it’s bigger and more colourful. I’m sorry I don’t have any suggestions at this very time.

I like #1 better as the numbers and info are easier to read than #2.

i realy liek #1 9/10
it is more colorful and bigger
center the title… i dont have any more

Well, I like #2 better, it looks much neater and better in appearance than #1 in my opinion.

~ ewok

i believe #2 is better because it is easier to read, it is clearer, and has a clear color scheme.

Ok, I’ll use #2 then.