Which sig should I use

ok i have a few sigs that i want to use…but all added up they are to big together…please vote and say what one you like better

The 1st one I made

The 2nd one I made

Made for me by Chrisak

Made for me by Amishdj

can some one please vote?..sorry for the double post but hey! i need this thread to be back on top of every thing lol… please vote!!!

i say d…it was either c or d but i liek the logo on d

A,B,C could have major touch ups…A,B,C are pretty bad no offense. But if you insist The last one :slight_smile: Amish DJ I think should win. He has some effect there…

btw im no mod but shouldnt this go in the sigs/avvy fourm?

yes i should go in the signature sorry but i don’t think any of them are good but i guess c is the best.

I say the last one.

the last one has the word SOX behind the word cubs… thats not right is it? #3 owns

#3, I think #4 is kinda too bright… looks nice though…

yeah I guess it should go in the avvy/sig place…and thats the major problem with amishjd’s sig…the white sox backround…although it looks cool…i wish he haden’t put the dumb sox in the back…

sorry for the double post but it seams I have a tie with the poll…at least 1 more vote please

None, cubs suck :smiley:

dude…CUBS ROCK…and I don’t care if you don’t like the cubs or not just vote and tell me which one the the sigs looks best…it dosen’t matter if you don’t like to cubs in order to vote…how many other ppl here that voted like the cubs?..most likily 1 or 2 of the whole lot!

The option …none of the above…

you probly know why i said that

(if u havent figured out, look at sig)

tsk tsk tsk… thats all I wanna say…

Meh… #3 is the best one… I’d say #4, because the White Sox > Cubs (Cardinals > White Sox), but the Sox and Cubs don’t mix well.

lol…im just gonna go out and say it…

NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH Sox won world series…and cubs didn’t!!! mufuhahahaha


the Cubs will get thier turn when they have earned it…

lol…and when will that be?..NEVER?

it will be-as I said-when they have earned it…this comeing year looks promising…:wink: