Which slayer monsters drop mystic?

Which slayer monsters drop mystic robes- and which parts? Any colour I just looking for a set. :smiley:

Mystic gloves: sock slug, banshee
mystic boots: Cockatrice, Desert Lizard, Infernal Mage
Mystic hat: Basilisk, Infernal Mage, Wall Beast
Mystic robe bottom: Turoth, Aberrant Specter
Mystic robe top: Kurask, Gargoyle
^ have fun

What’s the ratio of getting Mystic?

well i got black mystic gloves from a banshee, around 20-30 kills whit a ring of wealth

I’ll try that then.

hope u get =)

I’ve killed 115 Turoth and not gotten a mystic bottom

ive killed like 200 turoths had 3 bottoms = )

kool i am not a member but mystic looks cool!