Whip, Ahrims, and an Obby

I was sitting watching my friend from bk fight this noob and my friend got koed. I let him get his kill and bank and he stupidly came back. I threw on smite and 4 hit him for this:

ooo, verk nice pk, hope to see some more!

yeah ownage good job!

gratz on your whip you noob and ahrims on top of it pfft…fr33s i tbed?

wow … nice pk

hawt shit nerd.

thats how you take a obby,ahrims and whip kill T N TOM.

pfft, ima pk you sporty.

pfft my pk owns tnt’s :cool:

yer sporks owns tnt’s…
tnt has about 2 gd kills sport has a whole gallery…
anyway nice work sport ur getting better!

Nice kill. Glad to see you didnt PJ after your friend died too.

LOL at the guy in dharoks without an ammy.

congrats sport nice amount of runes there too

totally set up

Always with ownage, congratulations dude.

Congrats, hell, I’d rather pk something over buying it :stuck_out_tongue:
Thats some good ownage right there. :slight_smile:

=0 nice killz phr33 st00f pl0x

(H) You own me pls.

gratz on the kill =], should have been smarter than to come back =P

i told you not to tell anyone :mad: