Whip Time!

=) I finally got 70 attack!

Nice and congrats. I havent played as long as you…

Still, not like you could use a whip anyway :\ [F2p]

sniff Meany I would automatically get a whip if I was a member because Theknight owes me :)… Its not like you have a whip.

Congrats on 70. Have fun with the whippy. Remember, pots and D axe spec are your friend. :slight_smile:

GRATZ! 70 attack owns joo =-]

I thought you were f2p…?

~:crazy: spartan

:pissedoff: ok fine, enjoy the 70 attack, it is taking all i can to write this without cussing, because i just got hacked and lost the 4m i been working at for a long time…

Gratz noob

-S.P.U. <3 :stuck_out_tongue:

Congratulations! Now you can wear…rune :P. If I were you i’d become P2P!

Members, is ok and pretty fun at times. :smiley:

grats dude! i was soo excited once i could get my whip the first time!have funn

Congrats Phoenix, Now you can pwn noobs with the abyssal whip!

gratz connor!!! im p2p and I don’t even train combat anymore really i will when im done with 70 flecthing!!! and btw everyone happy thanksgiving!!!

gratz lol I’ll buy the whip off of you that theknight owes you:-p 3.5mil sound ok?

Not many people know that phoenixnoob is f2p I geuss…You should get members phoenix

FFS stop whining about your hacking, you already have your own thread isnt that enough?

Grats on 70 att =-p

congratz now all u need is enough for the whip,membership,high str and u’ll own noobys!!!yay owning noobys is soooo fun :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Yeah, but its still whip time for me :smiley:

Have fun with MrParris if thats what you mean. MrParris likes to whip people. What is your strenght lvl?

72 :tongue:

congrats on 70 dude!