white phat

well, i sold my 36k d bones and bought a white phat.erlier today i staked my white phat with my REAL LIFE FRIEND we were just playing around so i started alching inside the arena, and the money from alching took up my last inv space.so when i killed my friend the phat did not appear in my inv i didnt know so i just logged out.when i logged back in i noticed my phat wasnt in my inv. :worried:

did u alch it or lose it staking?

wow that sucks…was it on ground then or something?

i think so but i was logging out :frown:

Holy Crap!!! You lost your white phat???Dang!@!!@!$!@#$!@#!@!@$!@$!!@ I feel sorry for you… Good Luck Getting another one.

Ouch… go on ur friends account and check if he has it and drop trade it… and if not then u suck…

man, that sucks! Thats why you never leave phats in your inventory when u log. If I had a phat, I’d be banking it every time I logged off.

wow… nube your name kinda explains what umust feel like… that sucks and I know how it feals to lose something(s) that are ur most expensive items =( il give ya blue-dhide, and blue mytic boots and il sell ya a glory for 80k

:eek: Wow that isn’t very lucky, I think if you don’t have room in your invetory it goes on the ground so someone probably got rich today. Sorry to hear that…

did you by any chance stake ur phat to ur friend…

There’s no need to say that Nube sucks. Man, Nube, I’m really sorry to hear that. :-(. Hopefully, your friend has your party hat and he’ll give it back.

Well he does if that happened… Well no hard feelings or anything but ya I would feel pretty sucky.

You lost a white phat!!! bangs head on plank If I had a phat, i would put it in my bank with the hardest PIN combination.

But anyway,…u lost a phat!!! :slight_smile:

u have lost it… its either some random person has it and is keeping it or u friend has it

Sad to hear :frown: , but i’m sure with your skills, you can get another. Check your friend, see if they have it. Best of luck to you, I just completed my goal for dragon legs :D.

Hint look at his stats sig

dude dont be a jerk if you lost a p hat you wouldnt want us laughing at you…

Ouch, you wraught hard for that p-hat. You finally got it back and then you lose it. Thats has got to suck…

yeah, i agree with ogo… and jesse that is a harsh comment

um are you stupid or something? why you would tell him to break 3 rules! hacking someones account, account sharing, and drop trading.

wait!!!if u didnt have space and you won the phat back…it dissappeared on the ground cuz ppl in arena always fight not picking stuff up…so it dissappeared or ur friend has it or someone else gots it,sorry to hear thoe :frown: