who goes to other runescape-related sites?

i dont, i sitck to RSR what other sites do you go to ?

I used to visit tip.it a lot for help on certain things but it seems like they stopped updating their guides and such… Oh well, RSR all the way now…

Yea I only go on this and rslounge.tk

i go to runehq for quest guides and runevillage every now and then

I used to go to runevillage, But now I decided to go to RSR.

I go to rsp and rsr sometime runehq but that is it.

I used to go to tip.it alot but just like Geminiman,it stop updating guides. Now i only go on rsr and rslounge.

i go to http://runescape.salmoneus.net/ for quest
and sometimes tip.it and runehq
most of time i stay here :slight_smile:

um… i used to go to tip.it too, but i stopped, and now i just use rsr… and sometimes, runehq. :lol:

I only go to runescaperealm, in my opinion its the only one really worth while. Nice community, and good guides.