who hates me

who hates me take the poll plz


Why would anyone hate you… I personally don’t know you well so I can’t decide that I wanna hate you but I’m sure if you’re nice and courteous, you’ll get a lot of people to like you… But yeah, I don’t think anyone hates you… Sorry that you feel like this…

well i dont know you, so i guess i dont hate you

I dont hate you… i dont hate any1 except satan… but I dont like you for begging!

I had to vote that I hate you because I apply more to that than I dont know you

How can anyone hate you if you joined yesterday and I don’t think you could have gotten someone to hate you in 8 posts.

um… why would anyone hate you? I don’t really know u, so i don’t hate you.

Nobody hates you… Sorry if you feel like this… We at RSR try to make the RS community a better place, so we’re sorry you feel like this…


you when people hate satan, he usually does stuff to them, i know he screwed up the world, but dont feed him by hating him…