Who here like the Game 'Enter the Matrix'?

Who likes the game, I find it rather entertaining, there is nothing really new but it is quite fun!

Yeah, one of my bro’s friends rented the game and I got to see them play it… It’s not too bad and there are some cool features…

i dint like it i thought they could have done better with it

that games awsome just thought i might tell u this once i lost that game and i said to myself i wish i had that game back and all of a sudden i seen the game on top of my t.v like a genie :genie: had come or something :rotfl:

hiya redwraith0 your a legend anyway its very good i rented it 2 times

its cool
i would rate it a 6/10
i like it with the cheats!
especially the sword cheat


Huh? A legend, Lol, why thanks…


Oh deary Redwraith0, even your rank says so!

Yup, the Matrix game isnt very… 10/10 rated lol. But its cool when you can dodge bullets. And shoot. And fight. And jump into walls…

it was good like 2 years ago