Who knows what this is from????

Ok, who knows what this is from?

wdf??Is that some kinda japanese anime?

You’ll see if anyone knows what it is from, lol.

it’s no cartoon i’ve ever seen…

maybe inuyasha… or some childish not serious one…

p.s. this has something to do with it!

Name: Mary or Maryn
Other: Psycho…

It is in japanese, but what is it called?

i have no idea what this is form, brother! but it seems wierd!

We need more people! come one come all to robotgangsta’s unknown picture. In a bit i will send a link to the page for you brother.

how about i guess about 10 things:inuyasha,digimon,shaman king,rave master,futurama,family guy,dragonball,dragonballz,dragonballgt,pokemon.i think thats all i kno of i might know of more but cant think of them right now hope i go it right…

nope, it’s only viewable on a certain website.

I forgot whats it called but i know its probly from legendaryfrog.com

google images?

Nope, it’s not.

that loos similar to ur picture under ur name robotgangsta…i dont no though