Who like eminem's mosh song?

I like almost all eminem’s song.my faveorite is mosh and mockingbird.
Can some1 tell me whats happened to eminem?like a small biography.tell me your faveorite eminem song.if you dont like eminem tell why.no1 will critzie you.well i hope not.

the only song i like of his is mockingbird, but i hate all rape so its not just him

i think Eminem is ok, and i don’t know exactly which song i lik best.

You made a ‘small’ typo.

I hate Eminem and all other rap with all my heart… :evil:

i like eminem, and most of his songs, but the mosh song sucks big time. like toy soldier is good.

eminem’s a disgrace to the white race, plain and simple :twisted:

Rappers and “gansta’s” are a disgrace to the human race! :evil: :evil: :evil: