who need help in final fantasy 7 8 9 10 10-2 tactics

if u need more help on any final fantasy games go ask me ifinish final fantasy 8 to 10-2 including tactics chronicles and many more and i am also wroking on final fantasy 11 but it cost alot of my money for a week lolz so i better cancel my subscription in final fantasy 11 just ask me or private message me

nah all those where pretty easy…ff7 is the best ff ever made… story adn graphics wise…


i noe when i started playing ff7 i wanted to finish and start it all overagain i think i started it around 20 times and finsish it 20 times lol :smiley:

ff7 is the best one ever made, its got the best plot and characters

I loved FFVII. FFX was really good too. That was the first one I ever played. That’s the only one my sister likes. She won’t give the other ones a chance just because of the graphics… How shallow and stupid is that?!

i love ff11 but to much i have almost beat ff10 but i cant defeat the element guy at the end when ur inside sin