who plays more?

who do you think plays more runescape guys or girls

im guessing guys

Most likely guys, because guys are more into killing things that girls are.

Ive never met a girl that plays runescape exept for azgolar and my friends sister.

i only know like 5 girls that play runescape

im pretty sure guys play more than girls
i only know 1 girl who plays

I know five girls that play runescape as well but I know so many boys that play runescape.

well if you guys check the high scores theres a girl whos catching up to zezima and shes first in a few of the skills, and in one of the previous topics i seen a girl say she looks like a guy on the game so shes not bugged by guys. and i know alot of girls who play but yes i think guys play more but girls play alot as well

lol, i guess guys because we have less to do that girls, (my mom plays runescape) :stuck_out_tongue: