who thinks my characters (combat) stats own?

read the subject: rock the polls

I wouldn’t say you own that much… I have 68 mage and 64 range and I’m only combat 77…but its pretty good I guess :roll:

your stats do own but my mining, fishing, cooking and smithing is higher than yours - your combat is obviously way better than mine though.

just so ya know, my combat is all i trained, my other skills were just BS to get me into legends guild, cause you can power combat train your guy in there, shadow warriors have no defense… they are a shadow, think about it

Dam :-(, though my herblore pwnz your’s and I’m proud of that, muhahah! Lol jk, nice combat and range.

~ ewok

i think mine r better but ther aren’t as strong as yours

theyre pretty nice, better than mine at least

your stats are pretty good but mine are also pretty good.

I can’t see your stats.