WHOA... are u guys as rich?

lol… you really suck at hand drawing blue phats… lol, and yeah he must be rich to have full drag minus the phat


look how fake the phat looks, but i think the rest is pretty real

So Fake look at that!!

wdf… i didnt draw the phat… what r u guys talkin about???.. im serious

Mothing looks fake… u shpuld at least have shown the weild page to show us +)

i belive its real(sorta, the blue phat doesnt look real)

anynoob can tell the phats fake but the rest is real to me.
:arrow: legends mine

thats most expensive outfit ever

yeah he is rich lol.

Thats not fake. Look around the picture. It is all a bit distorted. I think he saved as a Jpeg.

i believe everything is real… how ever the poster of this picture isnt the 1 wearing the cool gear. the poster is actually behind them wearng black. nice try tho

Yeah, don’t flame this guy, the party hat and everthing is authentic. Just because it looks fake doesn’t mean that it is.

excactly. u should be flaming for them claiming to be da dude in
uber phimp gear. the poster is wearing black!

its not fake and its not him the view is to close

and it looks fake cause he saved as gif but he should off saved it as png

omg! u guys really haven’t ever seena p hat have u???
tahts exactly wut tehy lok like, awfully drawn

my frend has 2
stop saying its fake

nice pic… kinda rare to see someone with that much dragon.

lol i’m not richer than that!

look and the more vibrant hair colors. they all are an odd shade. i agree its prob jpeg. i repeat the poster is behind rich guy. (poster is wearing black)