Whoah! W00t! Lol

Yay! I just finished Nature Spirit and Throne of Miscellania, so now I have 130 quest points, at level 69!

omg congrats

jesus! you doing legends quest now?

I don’t have the right stats yet, but I’m gonna do Regicide first anyway after getting the agility level.

Not bad. I have 164 quest points myself but keep up the good work.

I have 73 questpoints, I hate quests… Nice job!

Congratz, i only have 11 QP. I don’t like Quests that much.

im lvl 63 and i have 107 qp

i only got like 115

I’ve got 145 QP at level 87… congrats on completing the quests. :smiley:

I am levle 75 and I have 39 qp… maxed out f2p quests.

ohh emm gee…lol… very niice dude are you a ledgend?

I can’t do legends yet, I don’t have high enough stats… It’s on my to-do list though.

W00t lol I now have 133…

if u only have 11 qp’s does that mean u dont wear rune pl8???

Wicked, im planning to do legends too im lvl 71 with 80+qp

Robin: good luck on that I hope you complete it.

I’m doing one small favour now to get my prayer up, then I’ll do troll stronghold so I can do Eadgar’s ruse to get my herblore up, then I’m doing legends’ to get my agility up, then I’m doing Regicide, then probably Desert Treasure or something like that. Man it’s annoying the amount of quests you need to do just one quest.

Wow, either you like quests or you just like their rewards. Well, keep rockin’ at what you enjoy doing, and thats quests :slight_smile: LoL, You even beat me…

=0 u must h8 quest lol…btw nice qp 130? i only got 101!

Lol nice qp. I got 73 (Was level 57, too weak too do all quests. Still remember Witch’s house! lol).

Im level 81 and i only have 50 odd.