Who's a good website hoster???

I’m thinking about making a website, and I need to find a good free website hoster. Can anyone help me?

i have a hoster just for u
http://freewebs.com very good hoster

for an example visit my website tell ure mates plz


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Firstly, minikiltman, you are severely off-topic here. Also, I don’t know why I’m talking to you because you are banned.

Secondly, FreeWebs is NOT a very good hoster because of the advertisements it uses to blemish your work. Tripod is terrible also. Free Web hosters are very difficult to find, but I’ve got a few good tips:

  • Look for your ISP’s website. If you don’t know what an ISP is, it stands for Internet Service Provider. So basically, look for the website of the people who give you the internet.

  • Search for free Web hosting. If you live in Colorado, USA, and your ISP is PCI Broadband (http://www.pcibroadband.com/), it offers free Web hosting without advertisements and it’s great (I use it with my site, see my personal info).

  • If there IS free Web hosting at your ISP, download the respective software to upload and do all the HTML junk.

  • If there IS NOT free Web hosting at your ISP, I’m afraid there’s not much I can do for you, unless you use AOL. Go to members.aol.com and that will have relatively good hosting compared to the likes of Free Webs and Tripod.

If this didn’t help you, you can search on Google or AltaVista for free Web hosting. And if you don’t mind paying a little bit for Web hosting, go to 1and1.com. Although this host is used mainly for professional and business sites, designers who want their own dot-com site should use this. They have excellent rates and have PDF and Flash support.

Another good site is dot.tk. If you have a terrible FreeWebs site and/or a long URL that you don’t like, you can access it using tk. For example, if I had a site like members.aol.com/user=webdinger then I could use dot.tk to change it to webdinger.tk. Granted, you can still access the site from the long URL but your friends and other acquaintances might like the tk address better.

I really hope this helped you. :smiley:

try http://www.dhost.info/
its the best free host ive ever used