why aren't there...

Why aren’t there all the quests on here… i really need help with merlin’s crystal quest, and it’s not on here… the part where u talk to lancelot and he says something about a delivery by sea… how do u do the rest of the quest… plz and thx

This site could use more quest giudes, buy go to http://www.runehq.com/cacheguides/viewquestguide00193.htm
If it doesn’t show the giude, look at the top of the screen and click on quest giudes and click on merlins crystal :slight_smile:

Thx but don’t forget to vote!

Here’s the thing about that. Until someone wants to write them, we can’t do anything about that problem.

Jezza and i are currently writing a tourist trap guide. If you want a guide just PM me and it will be put on our priority list.

We could use a few…and we need a few writers to make them.

I might be interested

I’ll be willing to help, tell me what quest you would like to write and I will get on it, except I need a few weeks before I can start, I need to finish the book on HTML I am reading to get a good start. Let me know if you might want to use my help.

S A Gogeta99

i dont use rsr for quest help its gay (for quests) tip.it is better