Why can't I log in under my xxteargodxx account?

It seems my account cannot be found, why? I do not know I’ve done nothing wrong to my knowledge & suddenly my account is deleted? whats up with that. I’d like some answers please.

Earlier infils account was hacked, the hacker must have banned you, as he did to several other people.

When was the last time you played RS? They delete names after a while. Especially the low level ones that have been newly created. If anything else you may have put your name in wrong.

I think he is talking about his rsr account…

I am talking about my rsr account yes.

Well, then you have to wait for duke or hockey to come on and unban your account.

i agree with nightshade the hacker that hacked the other files might have hacked urs :frowning:

hockey is back on, last time i checked he was in the off topic forum

hi xxteargodxx,
i beleive abegginer4u has hacked you as he did to infil…
he is hacking alot of mods and now hes making up a topic about hacking people and hes sorry he says but i think he is lying. sorry for your lose i hope you get it back! for sure you will tho! :smiley:

does it say invalid username or password? or does it say cannot be found?

it says

“Login Incorrect! Please Try Again…”

try your recovery question?

dam i thought abegginer4u was an ok person…

Ya, after he confessed and everything. Well, I guess some ppl never change.

ya that suks i had a friend on rs and then he had hacked me becues he had wanted my amoer

Are some of you people stupid? or just a flat out retard? Read the topic before you post instead of thinking how high your pathetic post count will be after you post in my topic. I am talking about my RUNESCAPE REALM ACCOUNT, not my runescape account.

i just mean that i didnt expect him to do a thing like this…he seemed like he followed the rules fine and stuff…

and will you dumb people read the topic! we are talking about the RSR account.

Teargod, i preffer your name with no ‘xx’ :slight_smile: but when the heck is duke getting back on!? i have been checking all day to see if people are unbanned…hopefully things will be back to normal tommorrow…this is slightly un-settling. :?

PS mbar9, why are you copying infiltrator’s avatar? you wouldnt like it if someone used one that you had found!

u were prolly either spammmin or saying stuff u were not supoose to

dude…xxteargodxx is a moderator…

I have 2 say i haven’t seen him online for ages