Why do people think games are violent

Ok. In states like Illinois they are outlawing games rated mature. Now I personally think this is against the Bill of Rights. But the reasons I think so apply to all games.

  1. Runescape is a good game because I have beened scammed and lost everything. So I feel that games are a better way to learn a lesson than real life.

  2. I mean why does the government care what kids do. Its like why do they care if our parents think its ok. It would be a big hassle to my parents because my parents (they care) but they are ok with that kind of stuff.

  3. Now I know the game that put you shoes of Lee Harvey Oswalt was pushing it but if Soul CalliberII shows knives it should not be banned.
    (not that it will be or was I’m just saying…)

  4. All kids can benefit from the right game. Like Age of Empires helps my chess game. Or Halo2 could…well it might help someone.

If you agree with me or want to show your opinion or disagree (or agree) with me sign here and show your oppinion.


I dont kno in california is different

wat do u mean by constitution?

i aint even a yank n i no wot the constitution fingy is

Your right constitution might be the wrong document (sorry) the bill of rights might be better. It’s just that everybody can do anything they want even buy games. Ok that what i think

Well… In reply to #2, the gov. cares because kids grow up and turn into adults that run the gov eventually. They care what games they play because this one kid played too much GTA and killed some ppl a while ago and thought it was ok cause he did it on GTA. I dont mind GTA being banned, but the gov. cares causee us kids will run it one day and the gov. now wants us to have a better future.

games like soul caliber II,halo and halo2 may be violent.

but is the violence realistic?

I would just like to say…F the government!

Well if that kid would’ve known the difference between real life and video games, that would’ve never happened. The government always points out extremely rare occasions and single it out. People blame their mis-haps on whatever they can think of.

That kid was an idiot who couldn’t tell the difference between life and video games. Banning games is bull. That’s basically like outlawing alcohol back in the day. Stupid law that was revoked a few years later.

Well then, you wouldnt get anything if the goverment didnt give you anything and u would DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Freezus, yeah, the non-realistic stuff is ok cause your not really doing anything wrong. But with like GTA your ckilling cops and other ppl. And that kenedy assasination game is just wrong and should be banned and the ppl KILLED! HA HA HA!

No Slim50, I was pointing out one event. Stuff like that happens A LOT, banning games that r like GTA is ok, other countries have done it and are ok.

Sry about the double post.

Of all the games mentioned… I wonder why Mortal Kombat never got into that list… I mean it’s a good game and all but there’s a lot of gore and such considering that it’s the main game out there that has the fatality (And variants) feature… Yeah, it’s lame that the government is banning games that are rated Mature… I mean it’s not like the kids are gonna go out into the streets and try to steal things cause they could control a character in GTA that could do that sort of thing… BTW, is Soul Caliber II THAT violent? I couldn’t see it as violent… It’s just as violent as Tekken or something (And I don’t believe that Tekken is any bit that offensively violent) knowing that it doesn’t show a lot of blood or anything…

lol, i like all the violent games

The thing is, people think violent games make violent kids. However, most kids in these cases are already violent. Ex., if a kid plays GTA and then decides to go kill someone because of it, he’s already got some issues.