Why do so many people play this game?

I don’t understand how many people can endlessly stare at this game for hours on end, just to get to a higher level and then realize it was about 10 hours wasted on life when you could be doing something of much more importance.

First of all, the game doesn’t have that great of graphics. I mean, look at World of Warcraft and EverQuest 2.

Second off, the gameplay gets old, and rather quick.

The game runs off of a Java Client, not bad, but jeez could he at least made it something much better?

Everyone that has played this game, is a biased guy, who thinks the game owns all other MMORPGs on the market. All I have to say is grow up.

Yes, I have played Runescape, I did waste those pointless hours, but hear me out. The game doesn’t completely suck. It has its good points, especially the server selection with the characters. The graphics have gotten reasonably better.

The admin on the game are complete imbeciles, you have to be a member to post on the forums? I would rather put 10 bucks on for my EverQuest 2 accout or PlanetSide then sit here and play this. I could be playing a number of games, especially the free ones, like PlaneShift or Project Entropia.

Why do so many people play this game?


Are just a few of the games that blow this one out of the water.

Also check out this great software:


cos its wickid and addicting!!!
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lo oscar ure supposed to be working in computer class lol.
Im in woodwork.

Why do people play, that is a hard question. Maybe it is because there actually is a free version of the game and that the member version only costs $5 instead of like $10-$30. Maybe also because you don’t need like a top of the line computer to play, which means you don’t get only rich, snotty kids that have nothing better to do with their money other than waste hundreds on a video game for a year or two. Maybe also because it isn’t the exact same thing like evrything else. Everquest 2 is exactly like the first one, the only differences are better graphics, new items and things like that. Plus, unlike everquest, you don’t have to pay like $30 every time an expansion comes out. Yes that is right, I go to video game stores and look at the prices of games that are pointless. Why bother paying hundreds of dollars for a game that truly has no end and is wasting away your life when you could be doing better things. Or you could pay like $60 a month and get a great game that doesn’t require you to sell your soul.

russel u should be making wood stuff in woodwork, not on runescaperelam
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nah cos the teachers are cleaning man lol.


It truly amazes me how immature some people can be. Icedearth was kind enough to share his opinion on a matter and you say he needs to shut up. I don’t know when you are going to realize this, but firstly you need to respect other people’s opinons, and secondly you have a lot of growing up to do.

well, ur setting a bad example for me. the bells gonn a go in a minute.
ps my kjeyboard has no backspace, it sucks,
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they play because they like it? :roll:

time to go now
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lol see ya every1 ill be back when i home from school 4 the
holidays .

Now now dont talk about yourself like that.
You have to think on the positive side.
Go see a councillor.

Not omly do you have to respect the opinions of others, but you definitely have to respect those of a moderator. By the way, if you talk about your little classes or whatever on these boards when they are not supposed to be there, I will personally give you all 2 warnings each.

sorry, man. russ is sorry too
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i am sorry i hace deeply offended you.
I have A.D.D and i find my impulses telling me to offend stupid
people like you.
See there i go again.
My mother sais if i try and try i will get better.
Please dont give me a warning.

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Runescape has over 1mil ppl playing, join them and have fun!

russ, u make me laugh!
ps. why are u posting about how runescape sucks, when ur on a runescape site about runescape?
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lol. I just got back from cricket. I sprained my finger it hurted.

the guy who started the topic meant to say it, but nicer
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gee, smart and funny, you must be one of a kind snigger

Are you taking the piss out of me.
If u are then your a f**king freak if not i think ure funny.
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