Why do you all complain

Why does everyone complain about everything, I mean I cant even go into the off topic forum without 20 people saying they’re gonna kill theirselves! Everyone has problems, you’re not the only one that has them. YOU’RE NOT THE ONLY ONE THAT FEELS LIKE KILLING YOURSELF OR GOT REJECTED BY A GUY/GIRL! If you all want to act like emo people then find a better place to do it other than a runescape forum

This is an off-topic forum, completely unrelated to Runescape, within the GamerzRealm network. :stuck_out_tongue:

i kinda think this is a pointless thread (thats my complaint)

You type in www.runescaperealm.com to get here aka the realm of runescape

Dunno eithe rppl are writing something tue or attention getting

It’s their choice. Maybe they want some comfort in their trip to a suicidal end. And maybe we can prevent it.

Why do you care? If you don’t feel like seeing it, don’t read it.

You’re complaining about complaining. Boy, that’s something to be proud of.

These people have a good life, most people happy-go-lucky, then suddenly, boom, it goes crashing down. When their friends in real life are helping, they think people over the internet may help too, because most people let out something devistating that happened to fellow internet members, and they help. I saw what you said in the thread about JolioJoilo, and you were disrespectful. Jolio had his own right to post it, but you had no right to be racist towards him.
Just because they are posting things here doesn’t mean you have to be involved, you can just let it pass by.

Complaining is human nature. There is no stopping or preventing it. People just deal with it in different ways.

Your the one complaining.

sighs and steps in
I am not defending anyone but by talking like this… you’re complaining about his complaining…

He is complaining about other people complaining…
As Magekill said… Complaining is human nature…

I said that? :melting:

How ironic. You are using complaining to stop complaints. :smiley:
People don’t actually complain, they do it sometime to seek help from other members. Some might seem to be glory seeking, but maybe just maybe it’s real, so you always have to respect those. As Sela said, if you don’t like them, you don’t have to look at them.

yep, he is right.

Selfish.Your complaining yourself!
You don’t want anyone to complain, just you.
Only just to get attention,you’re not the boss of us.
Is there like a desicion not to complain.No!
Your more like thinking of yourself, my life is worse than yours I bet.
And this thread is pointless.

the sun is hot , the air is cold we all complain!

i dont think of it as complaining, more of, venting
but i have noticed that ppl latly have been kinda…mean to eachother

ya I think too many peeps have problems here (some probably fake it for attention) but if you don’t wanna read you have freedom of choice not to read it…

I wonder why, why are ppl like that?

you tell me

Tut. Associating Emo’s with suicide, hasn’t the “emo’s & goth’s” topic changed anything?