why is arc banned this is an outrage!

why is arc banned ?

did he get banned??!!
sickmate 8)

why is chaosnoob banned??

chaos was banned coz he spammed an double posted

which thread??!?!

i just gotta see this…

maybe a mod has been hacked.
sickmate 8)

thats what i sed

Yeah I want to know why arc was banned. Can a mod respond please?
Edit: he (and other banned users) are unbanned now but I still wanna know what happened.

whos arc???

lol i got banned?! whoa when did that happen!? lol jk
arcsdemon got banned?..hmmm. strange.
and im sure if a mod got hacked then a lot more chaos would be done to these forums…

If I had to make a bet on why these people were banned, it is because their sig sizes were too large.

That is exactly what happened… I appologize for not following through with a User Note and a post on the ban board. I talked to Iced though, and he said to ban people with huge sigs… I am truly sorry; I ment no harm. :frowning:

-=~ J.T. ~=-

Does that explain Jezza too?

~ ewok

Jezza didn’t have a sig…

Now he doesn’t, I’m sure he did before.

Anyway, I’d resize yours before you get banned by the ever-so-moody Jtg :stuck_out_tongue:

~ ewok

Ahhhh! I can’t be banned, what do I remove :frowning:

See this thread to find out about the new rule Duke made. Your signautre can’t be more than 700 x 200.

Red, if I were you, I’d try and keep all of those images but just down-size them. Do whatever you need to though. We dont want you banned :smiley:

Well I deleted all my sigs except for one :frowning:

Heh nice. That was my favourite one anyway. The one where I recognise the great Redwraith0 by THAT sig.