Why people play games

This is a topic about why people play games. Don’t put something like “because it’s fun”. Sparring is fun (For those of you who don’t take martial arts, sparring means practice fight)

I think some of the reasons is that you can do things in games that you can’t do in real life.( At least I can’t) Also games have some of the best stories and characters ( ie. FFX) and it makes you feel like part of the story in a way that movies and books can never do. Also people can see cool stuff in games such as dragons and magic and Sin (FFX)

I’m addicted to FFX

I play games because when im not with my friends i want to pass the time as freakin fast as I can and this does a perty daang good job at makin time fly so i can see them again

People play games, because they require no physical effort and like you said, you can do things that you wouldn’t be able to do in rl. Also, people like to imagine the story as if they were in it ;p.

~ ewok

I love doing physical things its just that it is really crappy outside

I myself just play games when there is nothing to do… It’s just to pass the time when you’re bored… Well at least for me… But yeah, mrparris does make a good point on the point of gaming… Also, there are educational games out there… They may not be fun as Final Fantasy for instance but not all games out there lack educational purposes whether it be implied or be made to be seen as educational…

Lol, educational games. Geminiman, are you a mod, cause it says house of lords below you’re name. Or is does that just mean that you post a lot

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I play games because I cvan see how my character develops through its levels, like a character on lvl 3 to a character on lvl 70. I also learn a lot from games 8)

Another reason why people play games; power. They yearn to be the best at something. This gives people, in my opinion, a sense of authority and again, power.
Progression is yet another. To look back and admire your work and to see how far you’ve come since your only possesions were a hammer, a bucket and a bronze axe. It sort of makes people feel like they’ve accomplished something, and indeed they have.
Then, there’s fun! People play games because they are enjoyable. I mean, games aren’t a complete waste of time. They require good co-ordination and I think it has been proven that they improve your memory.
Well, that’s my opinion.

~ ewok

I play games because there are things you can’t do in real life that you can do in games.Like using Magic, no one can use it in the real world.
Another reason I play is because I’m bored or a friend told me to play the game.

Games are just enertainment for ppl, I guess it just passes time like what Geminiman said…