Why thank you pest control! :D

Fun place to be :slight_smile:

w00t :slight_smile:

EDIT: CRAP sorry i thought i was in runescape forum please move to there. :s sorry.

What do you exactly do there?

Your Ranging! Well Done!

76 mage ftw.

EDIT: Slayer didnt u qiuit?!

Congrats on 76 Magic btw ;).

Huge big gratz on 76 ,mage, i’m still struggling along with 70 mage. Hoping to get it 85 soon

congratz. but… ur ranging lol. wait, nvm…

wow. that is aslo a nomine for 73h pur3 l337 0wn@g3 list of mine! i bet that pure ownz ppl like nuthing. o and wat does “btw” and ftw" mean??

btw: by the way
ftw: for the win