Why won't anyone make me a pic? Just askin

It took me like a week before I got my last pic. Now I need a new one and it seems like its taking forever. I don’t have forevr!!! so, heres what i need

type of image: avatar/profile pic
render: Raiden (from Mrtal Combat)
text1: Power_Surge
text2: Stream Lined…
text color: I like to leave that up to the designer
text font: that too
anything special: nothing comes to mind. Only if you want to you can add effex

like make u a pic? or find a render for u
cause i have a raiden render…

Its probley taking so long caz your not donating

well I’ll give runescape cash. I have no prob with that. but if raiden is too hard. I guess i have some other choices as renders. But Raiden’s electricty goes with the name “Power_Surge” see what I mean? I just can’t find anyone to reply to my needing a pic made.

look, u want someone to “make” u a pic, like draw or something
or do u need just a render with that font and stuff on it

but here are some back up renders if raiden is too hard for you:














but i want it done the same way people are so good at making sigs. Why can’t you make me one?

is that what u mean?

also. edit botton, its usful, its right in the cornor

thats good. it just needs to be resized and have my sub-text and name added

u want that the size of a ava?..thats going to be a bit hard
y now just like his head and a bit of his body for the ava?

that’d e good. hm…just try these two renders and see which one is better



if youd rather keep trying out the raiden Ava then ok. I don’t mind. But yeah, head and a little bit of body is good. try to make the text spiky or show some of the sparks in the back from his body.

ok ill try, also, stop makign lots of topics, u have the 1 a weeks ago, the 1 1hour ago, this 1, and another saying BUying avatar 5k…

im just so frustrated that no one will mak me one, and i dont know how to mak one myself. everyone is soooo slow

believe me i know…

nvm, im getting tired of the game im playing.

k sence u didnt really specify here what mine looks like
btw im not to good at this stuff anymore :s

if i were those guys.^^ i wouldnt of even offered to make something because youve made like 5 threads, just be patient and people will make em
especially since youre asking for a favor

u can have the 1 i gave u, if u like it or not, cause i dont play rs anymore

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